10 Nexus Court, Mulgrave


A commercial office block building, NEXUS 10 comprises six storeys with a three level basement car park.

Featuring a rooftop basketball FUTSAL court, this building is designed for office tenancies with associated car parking areas in the basement, and is located in the Nexus Court Business Centre, off Dunlop Street in Mulgrave.

Plumbing Installation Features:

  1. Overflow diversion and first flush valve system
  2. Galvanised lined potable water tank – 10,000 litres
  3. Galvanised lined rainwater harvesting tank – 20,000 litres
  4. Rainwater harvesting pump package
  5. Domestic cold water constant pressure booster pump system
  6. Stormwater pumps and control panels
  7. RINNAI demand duo solar hot water system (green star sustainability rating system)